Something from me :)

I'm Guillermo, I'm 30 years old and I live in Santiago, Chile

I timidly started sculpting some felt birds in 2011. Observing from my sister Johana this new needling technique and I was enchanted by the diversity and infinite world of possibilities that wool offers. I got to know in more detail the world of owls and mushrooms and it is what I enjoy creating the most. I also really like to create mutant animals, such as owls with two heads or animals with extra pairs of legs, also with flora growing on their bodies.

In addition to plastic art I am also a singer, participating in singing competitions, playing guitar and a little piano. Music runs in families.  Another passion in my life is plants. I have a nursery
with succulents and cacti of collection. I really love plants and I wake up every day drinking coffee and watching my plants :)

I hope not to stop surprising my followers with my creations and I have a great row of ideas to develop and share with you

Happy to welcome you to my store. thank you for making my job possible!